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Stella Sea Fibers

Merino Top Wool [100g]

Merino Top Wool [100g]

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Sales weight: about 100g (about 3.3-3.6m)
Material: 100% merino wool
Color: Cream(CR),SeaBlue(SB),RoseRed(RR),RoyalBeige(RB),Mustard(MU),Lavender(LV),PearlBeige(PE),PaleGreen(PG),CeladonGreen(CG),Khaki(KH),Burgundy(BG),Peach(PC),Brown(BN),PeacockBlue(PB),BabyBlue(BB),SmokyPink(SP),Ginger(GI),ApricotBeige(AB),Coffee(CF),Teal(TE),IceBlue(IB),SmokyLavender(SL),Greige(GG),DarkChocolate(DC),Latte(LT),MistGray(MG),TerracottaOrange(TO),Natural(NA)
Wool Origin: Australia
Dye processing: Japan

A sliver of merino top wool. (extra-thick chunky yarn)
Sold in units of 100g.
In the case of 100g x 2 of the same color, we will prepare 100g x 2 balls.

Perfect for fiber art works such as macrame and weaving.

Top wool is a state in which the fibers are carefully combed to remove impurities.
Very good quality, soft and fluffy texture.

*In rare cases, there may be some impurities.
There is no problem if you can remove it by hand.

※It becomes gram management.
Because it is a natural material, the thickness of the wool varies slightly depending on the time of purchase, and there is an error in the meter number.
Please note that the number of meters is a rough guideline.

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