Stella Sea Fibers

Macrame / weaving / punch needle / latch hook & locker hook / knitting etc...

We sell original cotton ropes and cords using fair trade organic cotton from Tanzania and India, as well as macrame recipes and secondary materials.

The yarn is twisted and dyed in Japan.


The management philosophy of Stella Sea Fibers is

Spice up your life.
People are connected by threads, and happiness spreads.

Vision is

Fiber art in Japanese culture,
and regardless of life stage
Create a future filled with dreams and smiles.


[Business partners / past events]
Hankyu Hanshin Department Store Co., Ltd. / Isetan Mitsukoshi Co., Ltd. / Okadaya Co., Ltd.

[Magazine/book publication]
CREA / Hanako / GENIC / West coast interior style (Gakken) / Su magazine (Futabasha) / Book to enjoy life like a cafe (Gakken)

[Handicraft books using our yarn]
Modern macrame that colors your life / Macrame made for the first time

[Interview article]
★ BASE Co., Ltd.

★ Tax Accountant Corporation Brothership 

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