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Stella Sea Fibers

3mm/Natural/50m/Shackles 8 string fair trade organic cotton macrame cord made in Japan

3mm/Natural/50m/Shackles 8 string fair trade organic cotton macrame cord made in Japan

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Macrame yarn from Stella Sea Fibers is very popular in Japan. Let us help you make your work shine brighter.

Yarn Twist: plaited cord(8)
Thread thickness: about 3mm
Color: Natural
Size: H:7(cm) x W:7(cm) x D:20(cm)
Length (weight): 50m (about 115g)
Material: 100% organic cotton
Made in Japan.

Original thread → Tanzania / India
Spinning → Tanzania / India
Twisted Yarn → Ishikawa Prefecture


The 8 string fair trade organic cotton cord has a core, so you can make beautiful knots without losing its shape.
You can also use a comb to create fringes.  
Compared to 16 strokes and 32 strokes, it is a rough and casual braid.

It takes more time and effort than single-twisting and triple-twisting, and we start by twisting the raw yarn into two strands (two-ply yarn). From there, processing at the braid factory begins.
Originally, we didn't have fair trade organic cotton two-ply yarn, but thankfully, we made it for this product, and it became a reality.


A macrame rope using 100% "bioRe cotton" (fair trade organic cotton) born from the social project "bioRe project" has been completed!
bioRe cotton is third party certified.

《What is the bioRe project》
The bioRe project was started in India in 1991 and in Tanzania in 1994, led by REMEI in Switzerland.
In addition to simply buying organic cotton, we are building various mechanisms for people living in this area to become independent.

Known as the world's largest and most advanced project, this achievement has been recognized,
In 2002, at the 2nd World Environment Summit held in Johannesburg, the capital of the Republic of South Africa,
Received the "Sustainable Development Partnership Award" from the United Nations.

Indian cotton is very smooth and soft to the touch, while Tanzanian cotton is thick and fluffy. Organic cotton that is friendly to humans and the environment.


No chemical deodorant processing is applied.
Therefore, there is a smell peculiar to organic cotton.
Due to the characteristics of organic cotton, it is not possible to prepare completely odorless products.

Also, the small black grains on the surface of organic cotton become cotton shells.
It is always included because it is not treated with chemical agents.

Please purchase only those who can understand the smell and black dots (cotton shells) that are unique to organic cotton, as this is a characteristic of organic cotton.

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